who i am

The Beginning

My name is Jared Voorhees. I’m a married man, father of four, Iraq War veteran with a Bassett Hound named Hank. I am a kids and bicycle enthusiast. Sure I complain about both, but I love them to death.

Developing A Passion

My love for bikes started out in my early years when I got my first Schwinn bike. In those days, bikes were merely a mode of transportation to bring me all over the little slice of heaven called Appleton, MN! It took me on adventures that folklore is made about. In high school is when I started riding my Dad’s Schwinn Varsity to school and back as a workout for cross country. This led me into triathlons.

Gaining Experience

College introduced me to the road cycling team at the University of North Dakota and road races. I started racing road races and crits along with triathlons.

Me, Today

Then I got married and deployed to Iraq for 18 months. When I returned, I found working on bicycles to be rewarding, challenging and necessary. I have been working on bikes ever since. I have worked full time as a bike mechanic for 12 years. When I work on a bike, I want to make that bike perfect for whoever is riding it. I think you see the world differently on a bike.