my services

I know your time is valuable, so I bring my business to you. No more loading bikes and driving them some place to get service. I bring the service.

Service Details

  • Typically most services can be completed in one visit to your office or home.
  • Parts and installation are not included with the service.
  • If you do not see the bike repair service that you need, please call or email me for a quote.
  • Each tune up gets a post service test ride.
  • Minimum $65 visit fee.
    If it is determined that your bike is unfixable, the visit fee will still apply.
  • I service all bikes and have a specialty in Tri bikes or Time Trial bikes.
  • In the event a part needs to be ordered, I will take the bike back to my shop to complete the repair and return it back to you at no additional charge.
  • 10% discount will be applied to each additional bike serviced at the same location.
  • When I work on a bike, I want to make it perfect for whoever’s riding it.

tune ups


Check frame and moving parts for safety and functionality, light adjustment of brakes and gears, light truing of front and back wheel, tire top off, fastener and clamps check, and chain lube.


Safety plus adjustments to: brakes, derailers, headset, bottom bracket, hubs, wheels trued fasteners brought to specified torque, and frame and wheels cleaned.


This includes Full-ON tune-up for up to 10 bikes at 20% labor discount. Minimum of 4 bikes, maximum of 10 bikes. If you have a bunch of kids, friends, neighbors, family or a bunch of bikes, this is the service for you.

If you are a building manager, apartment manager, have a neighborhood association or workplace wellness program, contact me about setting up a day that works best for your residents or clients so they can start riding again!